How Does Vitamin B17 Act?

APRICON FARMAS HEALTH contains 100 percent apricots seeds that is rich in Vitamin B17 (Laetrile). Apricot Vitamin B17 not only known in Malaysia but also its effectiveness in preventing and inhibit the growth of abnormal cells has been acknowledged worldwide by scientific studies and clinical trials that was conducted.

Vitamin B17, is occurs naturally in over 1200 plants or fruits, especially in apricot seeds, which is 95% effectiveness in destroying and killing cells (benign and malignant). In metabolic therapy, when Vitamin B17 reacts with abnormal cells, Beta-Glucosidase enzyme which only present in the cancer cells will breaks the elements found in Vitamin B17. Next, the elements contained in Vitamin B17, which has eluded will destroy abnormal cells. The excess of Vitamin B17 will also be changed to positive elements by Rhodanese enzymes.

Vitamin B17 also helps reduce acidity and toxins in the body thus helping to improve the pH balance in the body and helps slow down the metastasis process or the growth of abnormal cells.