Brain Cancer

Tumors in certain parts of the brain that give severe implications on patients.

Types of Brain Cancer

  • Supratentorial (upper part of the brain)

  • Infratentorial (lower part of the brain)

Cancer on upper part of the brain are:

  • Astrocytoma (brain tumors that do not originate from nerve cells);

  • Craniopharyngioma (also known as Rathke pouch tumor); and

  • pineal gland cancer.

Cancer at the bottom part of the brain are:

  • Infratentorial;

  • Medulloblastoma (back of the brain);

  • Cerebellar Astrocytoma (cerebral tumors);

  • Brainstem Glioma (brain stem);

  • Ependymoma (cerebral tumors derived from cells ependimal slia. It will block cerebrospinal fluid causing hydrocephalus) is the most common type.

Cause of Brain Cancer

  • Genetic or hereditary;

  • Radiation to the brain; and

  • AIDS, leukemia, and patients suffering from kidney failure.

Signs / Symptoms

In infancy they will experience:

  • The process of abnormal growth - can not crawl even they are six months old;

  • Hydrocephalus (big head) because of the increased pressure in the head; and

  • crown swells, the baby will be troubled, frail and poor feeding.

In the early stages of children:

  • Headaches repeatedly;

  • looked tired and listless;

  • learning performance declined; and

  • suffer because of the higher pressure in the brain.

Symptoms are more pronounced:

  • Headache worse especially on the front and sides of the head;

  • squirt vomiting and headache in the early morning;

  • seizures epilepsy;

  • cramps in hand;

  • blurred vision;

  • children who suffer at the infratentorial area can not stand or walk steadily;

If the cancer spreads to the brainstem (base of the brain) children will experience:

  • Disturbances in speech;

  • The respiratory system is impaired;

  • weak limbs; and

  • interference with the functions of the brain.