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Yes you may, because Vitamin B17 contained in APRICON act as an anti-diabetic, so it will control blood sugar levels. APRICON intake not interfere with other medications because it is derived from 100% natural Vitamin B17. But, taking APRICON and other medications should be intervals for 1 to 2 hours. In addition, it is strongly recommended to take APRICON before meal to improve its effectiveness.
APRICON can also help in restoring metabolic problems and improve the immune system, helps control cholesterol levels in the blood because it contains oleic acid and linoleic acid. A part from that, it will reduces the risk of clogging of blood vessels, help to control sinus problems, respiratory and inflammation, and prevent eczema or free radical action because it is high with antioxidants.
There are two type of dosage, which has been proposed by the National Pharmaceutical Bureau. The dosage should be followed to get maximum results.
Here are the recommended nutritional diet to increase the effectiveness of APRICON and help in inhibiting abnormal cell growth:
Advisor of our product, DR. Ismail Lasa advises parents who own a child that suffer from cancer, not to worry or doubt to give APRICON to their child because it is 100% natural and contained no restricted ingredients. But, parents must ensure to give APRICON according to the recommended dosage, which is shown in the table below;
Although raw material for producing Apricon capsules is made from 100% apricot seeds, but taking raw apricot seeds continually are not recommended. According to Prof. Dr. Syed Zainal Husin Wafa, who is a patron of the Farmas Health product, taking capsules that have been processed through UV radiation is essential to ensure the apricot seeds are free from bacteria, fungi and radicals that certainly can harm consumers if eaten raw.

Additional questions

A book written by G.Edward Griffin, titled "The Politics of Cancer Therapy" shows a massive evidence of fraud, dishonesty and abuse of power in the field of medical research. This is because there is a statement that Laetrile or B17 as of no value to anti-cancer treatment. The medical student in the institution was taught and trained that characterized the modern treatment, (drug-oriented training) and use the basics of humanity to control and influence the educational institutions. In addition, doctors are forced to use only modern treatment methods such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to treat cancer even when treatment is ineffective. They are just taught to treat the symptoms, without focusing on the causes of cancer-causing. That's flaws and irregularities in the medical world today occurs when money is at stake between the human soul.

The study showed that normal cells contain an enzyme called Rhodanese which neutralize Cyanide. This enzyme does not allow the Amygdalin to release the cyanide. In this way, Amygdalin only serves as glucose to healthy cells and provide energy. When no Rhodanese, Amygdalin only would release cyanide and destroy abnormal cells.
Cancer is a chronic metabolic disease in which a way to restore the metabolic system is by an appropriate diet. Metabolic therapy enable to identify nutrient deficiencies and strengthen the body's immune system to treat cancer. According to the experts, they agreed that metabolic therapy is essential for restoring the body and fight cancer. This is because the chemotherapy, surgery and radiation is one way to kill cancer in general, indirectly cause damage to organs in the body and immune system. Vitamin B17 treatment will potentially help and without causing injury or harm to patients even while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. It is also suitable for treating all types of cancers regardless the stage of disease

The efficacy of vitamin B17 treatment for cancer are depends on the stage of the disease itself and the level of damage caused to organs effects of modern treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. According to reports in the US, almost 98% rate of effectiveness of alternative treatment using Vitamin B17 for new cases (free from chemotherapy and radiation treatment). There are some cases where the treatment is worse than the disease itself. If you are going to have surgery or a biopsy, in which cancer cells are disrupted, then Vitamin B17 is essential to kill free cancer cells. Vitamin B17 enter the body to help the immune system to fight cancer. Sometimes chemotherapy or excessive radiation will cause damage to organs that can not be repaired. In summary, all patients in each treatment stage can practice Vitamin B17 metabolism.