Rosita Shafie : 52 Tahun

I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer on July 1st, 2012. The first time i heard the shocking news is received, nothing can be expressed excepted for letting my tears falls to disclose all saddened in my hearts. I decided to take APRICON Vitamin B17 capsule along with radiotherapy. It turns out that the substance contained in APRICON help keeping my skin from burns or damaged during radiation. In fact I also feel my body are more powerful and has a high resistance to undergo radiotherapy continuously without a break for 30 days. Now that three years have passed, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief as a result of the last inspection there were no signs of tumor or cancer found. But I determined to continue consuming the capsules according to the prescribed dose along with a balanced diet until the end of my life.

Muchlis Abdullah : 53 Tear

In February 2014 he was displaced in Sungai Buloh Hospital after being diagnosed with Intracranial Tumors by medical personnel. In the early stages, he often felt dizziness, double vision, and sometimes vomited blood. After admission, he was only able to eat through a tube that was inserted from his nose and often given painkillers to relieve his discomfort. However, with the confidence of his wife, she gives APRICON Vitamin B17 to her husband. On the fourth day, her husband's health is improving and he can eat without the help from the tube. Scheduled surgery on him was also canceled due to a tumor size on the back of his head was decreasing. The medical officer who previously did not give any hope was very shocked and excited with his response towards the treatment. They also encouraged him to continue Apricon Vitamin B17 therapy.

Khairul: 56 Year

I am a breast cancer patient, I take APRICON as an alternative cancer treatment for 2 years and there are positive changes to my health impact ever since. After 2 years of consuming APRICON in a row, a lump in my breast was shrinking and eventually the bump is also gone. Consuming APRICON and practicing of a balanced diet, such as vegetables and fruit has become my daily routine while avoiding the consumption of meat and seafood.

Nur Akhma Nordin: 67 Year

In 2004, I was diagnosed with chronic skin cancer. Although receiving treatment in hospital, but there is no effect. I decided to try an alternative treatment. In 2005, after being introduced to a natural treatment of APRICON Vitamin B17 and after consuming for several months, my face skin turns to red, then slowly healed until the pain was gone.

Danniel: 48 Year

In 2004 I was diagnosed with liver cancer and doctors recommend chemotherapy as a treatment. I have also been told that chemotherapy is not a promising healing treatment and for that my wife decided to try APRICON. I began by eating APRICON for 6 months and the effect of APRICON are very effective against cancer. Doctors also confirmed my tumor on the liver began to recede from 8cm to 6cm in the last year. The tumor has not spread instead it is smaller. In March 2006, my blood pressure is back to normal and the doctors were surprised with the positive changes on my health condition. APRICON has brought great changes in our lives.

Jason Vale: 35 Tahun

I am a cancer survivor and has an answer to cancer that is consuming APRICON VItamin B17 followed by a healthy diet. This practice was also recognized by scientists and nutritionists. My cancer relapse for 3 times which is when I was 18, 19 and 26 years old. The third time, I tried metabolic therapy and the impact at APRICON was very impressive compared to the previous treatment. I undergo surgery to remove a tumor that occurs between the back and the ribs. Doctor suggested that I undergo radiation treatment, and doctor confirmed that my cancer was cured. The next year I was diagnosed with cancer tumors that has rapidly and steadily growing. Doctor advise me to underwent chemotherapy and radiation but my condition is getting worse. Finally, as a last effort, I take APRICON and the result was very impressive. Cyanide compounds in Vitamin B17 is also quite safe and non-toxic because it has been converted into a positive element.