• Consuming olive oil everyday will significantly reduce a risk of heart attack, cholesterol level, blood pressure, diabetes and obesity as well as preventing some cancers.

  • The study showed that Oleic Acid in olive oil may help prevent heart disease by lowers the Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL or bad cholesterol that can clog arteries and cause to heart attack) and help increase High Density Lipoproteins (HDL, or good cholesterol) in the blood.


  • Studies conducted on women by the "Harvard School of Public Health" and "Athens School of Public Health" found that the practice of taking Extra Virgin Olive Oil once a day can reduce up to 25% risk of breast cancer. The high content of vitamin E in Extra Virgin Olive Oil prevents the cellular damage that has been the cause of cancer.

  • Study done by Dr Michael Goldacre and a team of researchers from the "Institue of Health Cancer" has comparing cancer case and food intake in 28 countries including Europe, USA, Brasil, Colombia, Canada and China. The study found that countries with higher consumption of meat and less vegetable have high risk of cancer. But, constant olive oil intake act as an agent that can help reduce the risks.

  • The study found that a person who consume of 25ml (about 2 tablespoons) extra virgin olive oil once a day for a week straight seen as lowering levels of LDL oxidation as well as enhance the antioxidant content in the blood. Extra virgin olive oil was found to contain the highest levels of antioxidants and rich in vitamin E.

  • A sample of 40 women who breastfeed have been taken. The researchers found that most of the fat in their milk is a type of single-chain (Omega-9). This type of fat is considered as the best fat should be consumed by humans. That type of fat found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.