Brain Tumor

Muchlis Abdullah was displaced in Sungai Buloh Hospital after being diagnosed with Intracranial Tumors by medical personnel. Because of that, he became nasal and can’t speak clearly. In the early stages, he often felt dizziness, double vision, and sometimes vomited blood. After admission, he was only able to eat through a tube that was inserted from his nose and often given painkillers to relieve his discomfort. However, with the confidence of his wife, she gives APRICON Vitamin B17 to her husband. On the fourth day, her husband’s health is improving and he can eat without the help from the tube. Scheduled surgery on him was also canceled due to a tumor size on the back of his head was decreasing.

Breast Cancer

Rosita Shafie was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer on July 1st, 2012. Because of her illness, she had to quit her job as a middle school teacher in Ipoh, Perak. She decided to take APRICON Vitamin B17 capsule along with radiotherapy continuously without a break for 30 days. It turns out that the substance contained in APRICON help keeping her skin from burns or damaged during radiation. After then, she was able to breathe a sigh of relief as a result of the last inspection there were no signs of tumor or cancer found.

Chronic Eczema

Che Zahari Che Muda has suffered from chronic eczema for 11 years since 2000. His skin became itchy and uncomfortable. He having difficulties during studies because of his illness. About 18 items and conditions can triggers his eczema flare ups. From dust, pollen, carpets, sudden change in temperature and even certain food. When it happens, even doing daily routines like driving, sleeping and eating would be a challenge. After few weeks of consuming APRICON, there were visible differences. The scabs started to heal and his skin itches less frequently. He has also started to eat certain things he can’t normally eat due to his eczema. Now, his eczema has completely healed thanks to APRICON.

Ovarian Cyst

Fadzilah Radzi was diagnosed with ovarian cyst in 2012 after a few months giving birth to her first baby. The ovarian cyst that she experienced caused her excruciating pain to the point that she can’t even stand up straight. After doing an x-ray, the doctor confirmed that the cyst was 4 cm in her right ovary. She was scheduled to undergo operation within 2 months at the general hospital. While waiting for the surgery date, she opted to try APRICON as the wait for the surgery would be too long and the pain was unbearable. After 2 months, she did another x-ray and the cyst was gone after she consumed APRICON consistently for 2 months. 

Prostate Cancer

Muhammad Amirul Ashraf was diagnosed with stage-4 prostate cancer. He having difficulties in urination and indigestion. Because of that, he feels like a burden to his family because of his family always need to help him at home and hospital. After a while, his mother suggested to him to consume APRICON that she found on newspaper about curing cancer. After few months of consuming APRICON, Amirul’s health became better day by day. Now, he can works normally as usual before his diagnosed with prostate cancer. Until now, Amirul Ashraf still using APRICON to prevent the incoming cancer cells in the future.

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