APRICONΒ contains 100 percent of apricot kernels rich in Vitamin B17, also known as Amygdalin or Laetrile. It will be finely ground after undergoing UV radiation to get rid of bacteria, fungi and radicals.

Vitamin B17 will improve the immune system and body resistance towards various diseases improve the fitness and health of the individual. Vitamin B17 Amygdalin component and function as a natural chemotherapy agent that is capable of controlling the growth of abnormal cells that are not controlled effectively.

Based on scientific studies and clinical trials that was conducted previously, Vitamin B17 or Amygdalin able to cure and treat the metabolic system and stabilize the body systems that functioning abnormally.

The effectiveness of Vitamin B17 in treating and preventing various chronic diseases has been clearly proven and recognized by the medical practitioner. Among the benefits of Vitamin B17 include:

Prevent and control abnormal cell growth (benign and malignant) which grew uncontrollable in the part of the brain, cervical, breast, liver, bone, uterus, stomach, prostate, ovarian, lung, colon, skin and others;

Regulate blood sugar levels, stabilize blood pressure and reduce cholesterol in heart;

Helps to treat gout and rheumatism;

Clean arteries by reducing cholesterol levels;

Helps to treat gout and rheumatism;

Clean arteries by reducing cholesterol levels;

Helps in respiratory problems;

Help with hemorrhoids (indigestion / excretion);

Acts as a tonic and antioxidants that can eliminate toxins in the body;

Help speed up the process of wound healing;

Regulate irregular menstruation and vaginal discharge; and

treat skin problems like rashes and allergies.


βœ” Any cancer diseases
βœ” Fibroid
βœ” Thyroid
βœ” Tumor
βœ” Lymphoma
βœ” SLE
βœ” Eczema
βœ” Cyst
βœ” Psoriasis
βœ” Dysmenorrhea
βœ” Hemorrhoids
βœ” High Blood Pressure
βœ” Diabetes
βœ” Asthma
βœ” Lung inflammation


βœ… 100% Organic Wild Apricot Kernels
βœ… Approved HALAL by JAKIM
βœ… Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MAL11030074)
βœ… No chemical mixture
βœ… No side effects
βœ… 9 years remain in the market
βœ… Have a specialist doctor as an advisor

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